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Investments during a global pandemic

With increased exposure to the stock market and investments, almost every person today is invested in the market either through ULIPs, mutual funds, equity etc. But with the ongoing global outbreak of the Covid-19, what changes for you as an investor? Read on to know. The pandemic has completely changed the face of our stock

All you need to know about the 10% TDS on DDT regime

Taxes on DDT (Dividend Distribution Tax) have been a subject of deliberation and discussion. Given the latest changing dynamics of the tax regime, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there are clouds of confusion around the same. As per the latest budget proposal, the DDT which was earlier paid by the companies declaring the

Where to invest for a short period of time?

When you have a specific amount in hand with you that you won’t need in the near future but you don’t want to park it for more than a year, then Short Term Investments are the way to go. There are a handful of options that can be explored to invest your money smartly for

Here’s how easily you can save for your dream vacation!

Vacations come with a lot of planning. Whether it is a serene getaway in the hills or an international island escape, holidays often demand power packed pre-planning. And financial planning should top your checklist. The monetary aspect is involved right from the time you begin to aspire for your holidays. From ticketing to insurance, sightseeing

Two ideas to land your dream car at the best price!

Everyone dreams of buying a new car at least once in their lifetime. Young or old, single or with a family, a car is an aspiration for everyone. If you are one of those looking to buy a brand new car or upgrading your existing one, then here’s a heads up as to how you

Buying a home? Stay clear.

Multiple questions engulf your mind when you plan to buy a house. Anything from…”Which is the right time to buy a house?”, “What are the things to bear in mind?” or “If I opt for a mortgage loan to fund my dream, am I ready to pick up the liability?”…so on and so forth. Here

Let your investment term match your financial goal

Goals require specific planning when it comes to financing them. Here it is important to define the investment term. The reason for this is because there is a specific goal at the end of the term which requires a corpus or a fund to fulfill that goal. For eg. if you wish to go on

Everything you wanted to know about SIP

As investors in one of the fastest growing economies of the world, it is essential to be aware of investment strategies that promise good returns. Specifically, investing in high risk avenues that give profits a little above the average. One such strategy that commits to this is SIP. What is SIP?SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is

Passive Income: Your source of income without actively working for it

Given an option of a paid sabbatical, how likely are you to grab the opportunity? To take some time off for yourself, relax and indulge in activities that have been long standing in your to-do-list. While, it may come across as a dream post retirement, you don’t have to necessarily wait for retirement. In fact,

Know all about Insurance and how it protects your happiness

Life is much like a roller coaster ride. Given the constant ups and downs, the highs and the lows, it is full of surprising moments. But not all of these moments are happy ones, there maybe setbacks and risks on the way. And to overcome these rough patches, what we need is a power-packed back

Are you an NRI planning to invest in India? Here is the advice you exactly need

India – one of the fastest growing economies of the world. With diverse investment avenues and new schemes everyday, the country is regarded as a major investing harbour for investors worldwide. However, choosing the right investment option may be a little difficult. Especially, if you don’t stay in India and are not well informed about

Top 5 reasons why you should invest in Mutual Funds.

Since a few years now, the word Mutual Funds has started gaining a lot of interest in the investment market. And why not? With all the benefits it has to offer and the returns it promises, this shouldn’t be surprising. Understanding this avenue would require us to answer two important questions: What is Mutual Funds?

Thinking to invest in Real Estate? Read this before you make the decision.

One of the most widely considered investment avenue both in India and abroad is Real Estate. Given the returns that people have generated in the past, this becomes a strong choice for investors. However, before you take that big decision, look at the pros and cons of investment in realty sector. To begin with, know

Be retirement ready with revenue and relief

When you retire, your life doesn’t necessarily have to retire. It is a new beginning, a new opportunity, the second inning, your life truly deserves. At this point, you ought to set your heart free and celebrate life in it’s most amazing form. While, our dreams for a happy retired life are fueled by aspirations of