Debt though sounds like a very convenient option in times of need, it often becomes worse as time passes. And those accustomed to taking debts are more likely to land in trouble as they end up biting more than they can chew that eventually leads to financial stress.

But there are times when your enemy proves as a friend. In this context the friend is called Mortgage. Mortgages help you buy more assets and increase your wealth through loans or instant money. And so do credit cards that help you collect cashback and reward points for your future purchases.

Thus, not all debts are bad if chosen right.

Growing up, most of us don’t have the financial education that we should and when we are an adult in need of financial planning, we panic! But that needn’t be. Financial planning is not as much about huge calculations as it is about basic math. What matters is that knack for it that comes with proper knowledge.

Having a plan with management skills and the determination to follow the plan are all that counts for a financially strong future. It sure will take time but with basic research and proper guidance, investing can be easy.

They say cash is king, but is it? The discounts & privileges that we receive on cards is much more than that of cash. The only thing you might save on is the transaction fee but that is also less than 3%.

One more downside to cash is the effect it has on your credit rate. If you always pay by cash, determining your credit score that’s used for loans, job eligibility or even utilities becomes difficult. Hence, cash might not be a good option to continue using.

This is one common idea that everyone across generations have been hearing. But how good is it? Owning a home is a huge investment and often the only significant one of a  person’s life. While it is bought keeping in mind the promise of a higher ROI it is not a guaranteed promise considering the risk factors.

Also, there are numerous hidden costs involved in buying a house as well like mortgage interest, property taxes, repairs, maintenance, decor etc. that add to the budget of the house. Hence, although a house is a good option for the long run, for a short period it may not be a good choice.

Says the older generation but GenZ swears by it! Though it may not be the go-to choice if you want the benefit of equity, it could be a better and cheaper alternative for most of your immediate needs.

With the flexibility and reduced pressure in renting, it is a much better choice if you believe in constant change. This way you can change your decor or house anytime you want without the burden of responsibilities.

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